Searching for an ideal real estate agent

27.10.2016 - Housing news
Searching for an ideal real estate agent

You’ve decided to buy a house! Greate! There are so many offers for buying a house!Houses with an imposing exterior , houses with a view of the sea , homes of high insulation standards. All the offers can make one’s head reel! And the first thing that comes into the buyer’s mind is ” How shall I get through the offers?Who  can help me to make  the  right choice?”We shall start with the second part of the question. And the answer to it is the estate agent. This person will help you to get through the offers.

Now all that is needed from you is to find a good estate agent. And our article will help you to do it.

Actually, there are  several points that you should  take into account while searching for your potential realtor.

Point №1. In how many cases the real estate agent e helped to find a dream house for your clientage?

It’s essential to have a line on the realtor bureau .The client should know about the percentage of sales success. Ask about the figures, the statistics over the past 6 months, for example.

Point №2. What is his strategy  for a  house-hunting?

Make sure, that the person who’ll help you to find your dream house is an active, progressive person who shows discrimonation in the sphere of real estate market.

The realtor should spesify must-have things of your house (neighborhood, the number of rooms, squire footage, etc.)

Also agent should consider a saving strategy. Realtor should try to find a house that will  conform to all desired parameters, but at the same time the price should be reasonable.

In some cases price can even be driven down because of some inconspicuous defects, that can be easily repaired.

Point №3.Does he understand my needs?

You should find a person with whom you’ll get on well. It’s the person with whom you’ll spend a lot of time. And he should have a clear understanding of what you need and what you want. And he won’t offer you the unsutable variants. It should be a positive and comfortable business communication for you both.

Point №4. Does  he know all the rules, laws and regulations  concerning  real estate in this particular state?

Your estate agent should be a smart tough guy in the sphere of Law of Propety Act.Knowing all the nuances will help to avoid a lot of unpleasant situations, up to inventory loss.

Summing up all the things mentioned above a reliable real estate agent should be an easy going person, who understand your needs, knows local laws and regulations and have a good experience in the disposition of property.