Santa Clara Will be Joined with Some Other Towns to Receive the Financial Support

19.09.2016 - Housing news
Santa Clara Will be Joined with Some Other Towns to Receive the Financial Support

It has been recently settled that Santa Clara and seven towns as Campbell, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill and Saratoga will get federal financial support for housing at the rate of $8.7 million during three years. Moreover, it was approved the regeneration of a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement for the federal Urban County Community Development Block Grant or in brief CDBG and HOME programs for 2012-2014. Thanks to these programs the County and CDBG deal with housing problems because in fact it’ll be easier to work together in such complicated economic time.

Actually, Santa Clara has been already united with some towns and villages and nowadays its population is about 200,000 and as a result, Santa Clara can be succeeded to get the Community Development Block Grant which US Department of Housing and Urban Development gives to urban cities.

What’s more, the Urban County has been given about $120 million for the period of the precedent 36 years. This money was given to help in the growth of new reasonably priced housing, make available different housing connected services, and of course get better convenience of public facilities to help the people who are disabled. And for the duration of last years, the County of Santa Clara was given $5.4 million a year and this year the city has been given just about $1,585,095 million by Community Development Block Grant.

The good news is that the regeneration of the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement in 2011 will carry alterations in the financial support.

It is said that very important changes have been made to our Housing and Society Development Program and as a result this will give possibility to lessen price for the County. Moreover, special web-based system was created to shift CDBG and HOME grants because in fact these means will be able to keep either money or time. What’s more, single funding process instead of separate processes in every of the participating authorities will be used.

Call your attention that in November 2011it will be published a Request for Proposals. And according to it cities will be able to ask for to two projects every year and note that the smallest funding size to community based associations is about $10,000. As a matter of fact, community organizations are cheered to work together with one another to propose combined applications.

Web-based system has been started creating in April 2011 by the County Office of Affordable Housing and as a matter of fact, soon requests, assessments, agreements, and payments will be done automatically.


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