Santa Clara County need a Housing Programs Manager

19.09.2016 - Housing news
Santa Clara County need a Housing Programs Manager

Frankly speaking, if you want to have super career opportunity the job of Housing Programs Manager for Santa Clara Housing Authority (HACSC) is really for you because it gives lots of abilities to help people.

As for Housing Authority of Santa Clara County, this organization has been working for 43 years and it is the third biggest one in California. Nowadays, HACSC supplies financial support for rent housing. Moreover, this organization offer reasonably priced homes for the families that have rather low income, or, for example, to people with any disabilities.

Who is the Housing Programs Manager? Actually, he/she is the Assistant Director of Housing Programs. So, this person has general responsibility for the fulfillments and observance of some HUD programs that managed by HACSC, together with the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. What’s more, the Housing Programs Manager is a person who is a practical controller able of fast changeover into their work.

Actually, if you feel like working in Housing Authority of Santa Clara County you need to be very communicative, as well, like mentoring. In addition, you should work in team, be polite to visitors and, what’s more, working in quick changed conditions is a very important skill either. As well, you should have the degree of Bachelor and your practice in supervisory must be as a minimum four years. It’ll be better if you have Possession of a Section 8 Training Certificate of Completion.

You’ll get the salary up to $108,000, and, in addition, you’ll get a super benefits package. From May 20, 2011 we are waiting for you to interview.