Good news for home sellers

04.05.2017 - Housing news
Good news for home sellers

Can’t you imagine that if you are contemplating about putting up for sale your house at the moment, it is the best time for doing it?! And there hasn’t been such a good opportunity for selling since 2007.

The statistics shows that those who have sold their property over January to March period added on average$ 44000 to the original price. For 10 years in a row it has been the highest gain.

Specialists in the scope of real state assure that if you have intentions for selling your property there probably wouldn’t be better chance, who knows, in 5 or 10 years. So this spring is an ideal time for the realization of your dreams, for highest gain.

It has also been pointed out that in the cities with strong local economy there has been observed stable price surge. The housing supply in those cities hasn’t been significant, so it only forced the prices to skyrocket. All in all there occurred a competitive market.

Finally, there have been registered a mean price for a housing which made up at $225000 over January to March period. In comparison with 2013 the increment is plus 13%.

Touching upon the most expensive part of house selling market this year there have been registered the highest prices. For example, the winner in this category is San Jose in California with the result 356,500 $, San Jose is followed by San Francisco which can boast 276, 750 $

Having analyzed figures of the 1st months of 2017 experts in the scope of real estate are sure that this spring is the best time for selling a house. So if you are still hazy about selling, you can rely on the experts’ point of view. This is a green light for you, you’ll bargain.

At present there can be observed such a tendency that sellers are not hurry to expose their houses for sale. There can be several reasons for it:

After crisis there have been observed some undetermined mood on seller’s market due to the fact that a big part of homeowners didn’t have a positive frame of mind. Such pessimistic mood was caused by uncertainty to find a good place to live in after selling the previous place of living. For example in San Francisco there is a property which hadn’t been changing, let us say so, its owners for 10 years.

Having a look at the thing from another angle, from buyer’s, they will have to be on alert, and take some time before buying a house, to compete.

According with the statistics it takes 21 days on average for a house to be sold.

Also here should be mentioned one more thing: no doubt that nowadays we can observe the surge in prices, but its level is far away from the level before crisis. Here we want to provide you with several examples:  Las Vegas needs 26 % to catch its before-crisis level, Miami and Baltimore lack 22%.

Also we would like to provide you with some information concerning the markets with the highest medium percent return on the preceding selling price. So take into consideration the following data: San Jose-71%, San Fransisco-65 %, Modesto in California:-51%, Denver- 50%, Salem in Oregon:-46%. The whole rating can be seen on

Hope that our article has helped you to make a final decision. Thank you for reading!