5 Years of Prison for Real Estate Fraud

19.09.2016 - Housing news
5 Years of Prison for Real Estate Fraud

Some days ago it was found out that a real estate agent Gary Mountain cheated investors out of $1.2 million. Now he will be fined and put to prison for as a minimum five years for a real estate fraud.
Mountain has been prosecuted with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office who begged no content to five charge of securities deception, all crimes. What’s more, his prosecutor David Ezgar said the DA is going to ask the court to oblige Mountain to pay compensation to the people he cheated.

They say that Gary Mountain has gained title to properties that were either in rather underprivileged structural state or that had great balloon recompenses. After that Gary Mountain persuaded people to spend in the properties without uncovering these circumstances.

What’s more, Gary Mountain cheated Sheila Hagey, 68, and who died after that. Gary Mountain met Sheila in church and he persuaded Ms. Hagey that her house was worth considerably less than it was (elder pecuniary fraud) and to sell it to him at a very big discount, counting real estate payment fees. After that Gary Mountain talked her into spending $200,000 into one of his fake possessions “investments.”