FAQ on Affordable Housing in Santa Clara County

19.09.2016 - Housing news
FAQ on Affordable Housing in Santa Clara County

Does affordable housing have negative influence on the cost of close property?
Housing and Urban Development report that was published in 1999, points out that affordable housing doesn’t have any negative influence on the cost of property. Special researches in California are regularly carried out by different specialists, and they found out that that well-made affordable homes don’t have any negative impact on close property cost. And on the contrary, very often it, in fact, help to make property value more expensive, because, as a result, affordable housing joins good-looking design with qualified property management.

Will affordable housing be well-matched with my district?

People of such professions, as for example, teachers and librarians, police officers and social workers and lots of other people who work for society and economy are usually occupants of affordable housing. While affordable housing are building, designers are required to take into consideration all local planning. What’s more, lots of design rewards have been won by affordable housing departments, because in their projects they reproduce the style of the nearby areas, the natural surroundings, and local way of life.

Who will be my neighbors in affordable housing?

Frankly speaking, specialists select occupants for affordable housing very warily from lots of candidates. So, all the candidates sign the document which entrusts them to “house rules” and the property manager implements these rules. And as a result, all the occupants want to live in secure and beautiful homes in good districts.

Will affordable housing departments consider people’s wishes?

Before starting to build homes, affordable housing departments usually learn the requirements of neighboring planning code to reduce the influence of development on the nearby area. What’s more, a public review process and public hearings always take place before the Planning Commission and City Council earlier that affordable housing is built. And in addition, either neighborhood institutes are always consulted by developers or they organize community assembly to get contribution or to engage neighbors in the plan development.

Who finances affordable housing?

Actually, the cost of market-rate housing and affordable housing is really the same. However, developments can lessen the sum of money required to pay must-pay mortgages, and that’s why they can present a cheaper rent to occupants. By the way, such branches as local, State, federal loan and grant subsidies finance affordable housing developments together. What’s more, you may use low-income home tax credits, tax-exempt bond proceeds, mortgage loans from lending institutions, and some other funding private means. And as a result, developers of affordable housing build cheaper housing than on the market with the help of combination of these funding means.

Will I suffer from traffic, noise, and parking problems living in affordable housing?

Actually, city standards such as the City’s Planning Department, Planning Commission and City Council control traffic, noise, parking, environment, design and etc. and in addition, developments with possible influence on city standards are needed to lessen their impacts. So, the City and its development departments decrease traffic by, for example, building new developments next or on transit corridors.

How do developments handle the requires on the City’s services and infrastructure?

Intense development in the cities focuses enlargement and needs not very big infrastructure improves such as roads repairs and the increase of sewage line. And on the contrary, urban sprawl needs new infrastructure resources. And as a result, local governments typically prefer affordable housing developments to disburse for infrastructure.