What you should know and do while buying a secondary housing

07.03.2017 - Housing news
What you should know and do while buying a secondary housing

If you are going to change your place of residence, this article is considered to be useful for you. Changing a place of living or buying a house of your own is one of the big days in your life. But the purchase is to leave only positive emotions. It’s not a secret that most of us acquire places that have been inhabited by other people. The National Association of Realtors stated that in 2016 there have been sold out nearly 700,000 new houses out of total quantity -6.1 million. So it means that in comparison with new houses, houses which has already had inhabitants prevail on real estate market. And you might have more chances to buy such a place to live in. By saying this we don’t mean that it’s a bad thing. No. We mean that you should be ready for house inspection in order to value a house at a reasonable price and not to invest money in future in problem-solving concerning unplanned repairs. A good thing is to consult a home inspector.

But in this article we’ve placed 5 things you are to concentrate on while buying a house. So welcome our top 5 things you are to inspect in your potential house of dream.

And the first thing we advise you to check is roofing. If you neglect this point in future it can cost one dear. Talk to the seller, inquire when the roof has been repaired last time. To avoid unpleasant moments in future check the roof by yourself, home inspector checks the roofing from the ground, without getting on the top of the house. YOU are to live in this place.

The next point that you are to bear in mind heating and A/C. Home experts carry out an inspection of heating and air conditioning. You have the right to inquire more details about its condition. It is essential to know about its life span. Information awareness like that is to let you know whether to improve or change the systems in the nearest future and what sum of money you are to spare. Besides, you can ask the seller to drop the price if heating or A/C is at a low ebb.

For getting more details about heating and A/C and total energy efficiency you can resort to the help of Electric Inspection Service. The experts are to perform a system check and to tell you all the details about total energy efficiency.

Water heating can be also looked at by home inspector (temperature control and general condition of the appliances), but you in your turn can inquire further the former house owner about the useful lifetime which will help you to know what await from water heating system in future.

Besides, you are to focus on windows, old windows can be OK in terms of exploitation, but they can be bad at energy efficiency. So you are to replace them in future.

Not all home inspectors are qualified for checking up on chimney, but you can resort to other professionals who can help you to do it, you can rely on Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Hope that all the information that you’ve found in our article is useful for you and help you to save and plan your budget in future.