8 hush-hush factors about buying a house

27.09.2016 - Housing news
8 hush-hush factors about buying a house

Buying a house is an extremely important event in every family’s life. It’s the place there you and your family will spend pretty much time.

Of course, there are many offers for buying a house. But what’s the best alternative? How should be one sure that buying THIS PARTICULAR HOUSE it will be a bargain?!

Well, calm down, you’ve turned to the right page, because in this article will tell you how to do it. We’ll reveal 8 criteria that everyone should take into consideration while choosing a dream house.

So, get ready!


Hush-hush factor № 8 Save your money

If you want to get a loan and buy your dream house don’t run into debt. Before incurring of a credit for buying a house don’t apply for other loans for 3-6 months. The lenders want to be sure that you are a reliable borrower, and you have all the possibilities to return money within the established deadline.

Hush-hush Factor №7.Be Pre-approved for your home credit

So what does it mean? You should provide your lender with all the necessary info, concerning employment and overall financial status. The lender decides what sum of money you can be given. So how can it help you in future?! You‘ll know how much money you have in your disposal, and you won’t spend time for houses that you can’t afford to buy.

Hush-hush Factor №6 Don’t wait for the perfect time for buying a house.

So if you want to buy a house, do it! If you decide to do it, for sure it is the right time. It’s impossible to learn when the market situation will be better or worse. While you are thinking, somebody is buying your dream!

Hush-hush Factor №5 Larger doesn’t always mean better

Not everyone can afford to buy a big house. Of cause, it draws our attention. But one day you’ll decide to resell it, and the audience ready  to buy the place will be smaller, in comparison with smaller apartments. And you’ll have to bargain a price down.

Hush-hush Factor №4  Don ‘t concentrate only on the mortgage payment

Take into consideration such payments as property taxes, utilities and homeowner-association taxes. Be sure that your budget will cover all the payments.

Hush-hush Factor № 3 Forget about emotions

It’s a well-known fact that while buying something, a person should be calm and wise. If you are buying a  certain thing   guided by your emotions , tomorrow your mood can change and you’ll regret. Today you like it, tomorrow you won’t.

Hush-hush Factor №2  Hire a home inspector

You spend 200$ for hiring the inspector, but in the future it’ll help you to save thousands of dollars.   Because this person will inspect the house and tell you about all the nuances: pros and cons. And you’ll decide to buy it or not. Or…. you can use the results of inspection as a bargaining tool for making the price lower.

Hush-hush Factor №1  Come to know the neighborhood

This point includes such factors as local shops, schools. Is it will be convenient for your kids to go to school or to kindergarten? Won’t it take too long for you to go to work?

And the last remark in this article: We hope that our tips will help you. But….before taking such serious decision as buying a house: THINK TWICE and make the right choice.