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sell house

Good news for home sellers

Can’t you imagine that if you are contemplating about putting up for sale your house at the moment, it is the best time for doing it?! And there hasn’t been such a good opportunity for selling since 2007. The statistics shows that those who have sold their property over January to March period added on […]


What is happening now in the world of estate property?

This article is considered to be a brief outlook of the most significant events that have happened in the world of real estate over the recent days. And we shall start with a real estate prices hike, which heralds in future only economic recession. A Federal Reserve official broached a question on Tuesday about assuming […]

Housing debt fever

Housing fever has already started

Dear reader of this article, if you intend to sale a house, this week you’ve got comprehensive facilities for doing it. The moment is considered to be the best one for landlords, a strong demand for dwelling on the part of  home buyers is observed.We must confess that cry for housing has overtaken supply, and […]