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Seniors’ Housing Needs
A Housing Needs Assessment for seniors was created in December 1997 in the City of San Jose by a special consultant. The study restricted senior housing [...]
Housing Need of Persons with Disabilities in Santa Clara County
Actually, HUD identifies a disabled family like a household that consists of either one or more people, as a minimum one of whom is a grown-up (no less [...]
Department of Real Estate
Subdivision Laws Actually, the largest single investment that a great number of Californians make Likes(0)Dislikes(0)
What is the “prepaid rental listing service”?
Actually, “prepaid rental listing service” denotes that the business of providing prospective renters with listings of residential real [...]
San Francisco Vacation Rentals
Lots of tourists visit San Francisco which is situated in California, the USA every day. And, frankly speaking, it not surprising because there are such [...]
Santa Clara County Commercial Property Prices
County Assessor Larry Stone announced that in the Santa Clara County residential real estate market demonstrates marks of bottoming out. However, as for [...]
Apartments for Sale in Santa Clara County in California
There is one more name for Santa Clara County and it’s the “Silicon Valley”. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)