San Francisco Vacation Rentals

19.09.2016 - Housing articles
San Francisco Vacation Rentals

Lots of tourists visit San Francisco which is situated in California, the USA every day. And, frankly speaking, it not surprising because there are such unforgettable sights there, as for example, rolling hills and unique blend of Victorian and modern architecture. People, as well, are attracted with San Francisco cold summer fogs and beautiful landmarks. What’s more, tourists from all over the world visit Chinatown.

As for geographical situation, it is laid at the northern end of San Francisco Peninsula. And on the west it divides its border with Pacific Ocean and on the north and east with San Francisco Bay. Actually, such sight as Golden Gate Bridge is, in fact, one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco which looks very attractive especially when lighted up in the evening. And over fifty hills add to this city special splendor. You should book one of the apartment rentals to have a total leisure during the holiday in San Francisco. Not far from San Francisco you’ll be able to visit famous Oakland Zoo, which is situated in San Bruno city. Actually, if you make any of the San Bruno vacation rentals for the duration of your holiday, you’ll really discover unforgettable places there.

One more super place, that really worth your visiting is ‘Aquarium of the Bay’. Here you will see more than 20,000 species of sea animals and you’ll be able to walk through its 300 feet tunnels. Moreover, don’t miss the chance to visit Wax Museum, where you’ll the wax figures of politics, singers and other famous people from different centuries. Such famous place as Museum of Modern Art visit not only art lovers, but as well everybody who likes beauty. This famous museum has a unique collection of 20th century plus modern art paintings. And in addition such sights as Palace of the Legion of Honor and Japanese Tea Garden will fascinate you deeply. Moreover, you’ll be able to go for a walk in San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and San Francisco Botanical Garden. Of course, don’t forget to visit Ocean Beach. There are a great number of condo rentals and house rentals in San Francisco, so you’ll easily find a place to live in. San Jose is really a super place to visit and enjoy its interesting places. If you book the San Jose vacation rentals, you’ll be able to relax and take pleasure in this city.

Actually, lots of different souvenirs as, for example, fashion accessories, shoes, jewelry, arts and crafts and others can be easily bought everywhere. There is a great deal of shopping centers spread all over the city. What’s more, San Francisco is famous for delicious food which consists of national and international cuisine on reasonably priced prices. Here you’ll find lots of cafes, restaurants and take-out eateries.

San Francisco is known for numerous events and festivals which are celebrated with super pomp and show. ‘San Francisco Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival’ is really one of the most beautiful festivals that usually takes place in September or October. You’ll see lion dances, cultural shows, arts and crafts shows, and lots of other live entertainment. If you book the San Francisco vacation rentals, you’ll be able to feel this wonderful city.