Pseudo-single mothers get resedential estates on preferential terms

02.11.2016 - Housing articles
Pseudo-single mothers get resedential estates on preferential terms

Currently the officials started to cognize a dodgy trend  within intact families. The gist of the issue is in the false representation of traditional families  by displaying themselves as a one parent family. All the spoof is done to get resedential estates on special inducement. Pretty regularly a loan parent  family is a cell of society which is made up of a female, financially challegened, genetrix, not espoused. So what’ the hitch?

Supervising some incomplete families, not infriquently one can take cognizance on the point that the kin is not like a bandicoot on a burnt bridge  as it is demonstrated. These so called “cater – cousins  and kinsmen  “hourly call round  the family. Their private transport can be seen 24 x 7 at the subsized house. They are passing the time together oft. Coincidently the state bodies don’t disavow the fact that they don’t verify the dwellers of the subsized housing.

The formular is pretty simple, an unwedded mother moves in the subsized house, later her lover joins her. And they  are in cloven at the subsized house.And they can occupy the place  for many years, at a time when dozens of people are queuing  on to get the subsized place to live.

Posing a question: ” Is it presumable to supervise the execution of subsized housing and its housemates?” , we receive thev reply: “Presumable, but difficult of  accomplishment”.

Nonetheless, the issue is still opened for discussions. There is still no a possibility to monitor subsized dwellings, and it’s hard to prove that the person lives in the appartments permanently. But we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of cases when a family poses themselves as an incomplete and gets the subsized housing by ill practice.