Apartments for Sale in Santa Clara County in California

19.09.2016 - Housing articles
Apartments for Sale in Santa Clara County in California

There is one more name for Santa Clara County and it’s the “Silicon Valley”. And it is not surprising because as for Santa Clara County, it’s one of the biggest Counties in the Bay Area ( to be exact it’s the fourth largest county in the state) which has plenty of high-tech industries and its area is about 1,312 square miles. Most people in Santa Clara County (1.7 million and this is about 92% of all population) live in 15cities. A large amount of the land area in Santa Clara County is forests and unincorporated ranch.

As for Santa Clara County location, it’s situated at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay. This county has an exclusive combination of beautiful nature and economic variety. For a long period of time this County has been deemed as a very good area in the USA where people want to live and work because it has high quality standards of living in the USA and, what’s more, plentiful natural sights. Thanks to the geographical location and its closeness to the Pacific Ocean this County has the Mediterranean climate.

This territory was discovered only in 1769 by Spanish explorer Gaspar de PortolŠ± who organized a special expedition there. And as for the Santa Clara Valley, this area was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians. Then in 1777, it was founded the Valley’s first mission and pueblo, and for about 50 years Spanish were ruling the County. And only in 1821 the situation was changed with the help of the Mexican Revolution. So, since that time Mexican had controlled this area. And, at last, in 1850 California was joined to the Union and the Santa Clara County became one of 28 counties in this state.

Nowadays, the Santa Clara County is a main employment area for this state, which make available more than 25 per cent of all jobs in the Bay Area. What’s more, this County has one of the largest medium family earnings in the USA, and a great variety of cultures, environments and talents. And as a result, this area goes on attracting lots of people from all over the world.

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